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The secret to customer attraction in the digital age.

I recently attended the Social Media Marketing World Conference in San Diego, CA for 3 days. The conference was packed with intensive workshops and speakers, diving deep into the latest trends around social media. As a social media marketer, it’s almost impossible (and very overwhelming) to stay on top of the frequent changes to each platform. This conference was a great place to hear what’s hot and where the future of social media marketing is headed. I would highly recommend this conference for anyone using social media for any kind of business.

Social media channels allow a business to talk to their customers in real time and respond to questions quickly. While there are many benefits to using social media for business, there are also some downfalls if it’s not done right. The secret to customer attraction in the digital age is through creating a personal connection. Here are 6 tips for engaging with your customer to create that connection:

1. Respond to every comment (positive or negative).

2. When responding, always mention them by name.

3. Let your customers get involved with your brand – run a contest

or ask for their feedback to make them feel like their opinion matters.

When you get someone to engage, they are more likely to buy.

4. Create great, valuable content. Think thumb stopping valuable!

5. Focus on quality vs quantity. On Facebook, a share is the most

valuable action you can get from a post. Try to get shares out of

every post.

6. Live videos are the next big thing and enables a brand to make a

more personal connection with their follower.

The number one reason businesses succeed or fail is their ability to attract customers. While regularly posting on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter may seem like a daunting task, it’s critical for attracting new customers. It takes an average 10 pieces of content being consumed by a single person before a buying decision is made. That means you need to keep the valuable posts going to convert a follower into a customer.

At a minimum, your business should be on Facebook and actively posting and engaging with potential customers. There are more than 1 billion people who visit Facebook pages monthly and as of September 2016 there were over 60 million Facebook business pages. Is your business one of them?

Not sure where to start with social media? Does setting up and managing a Facebook business page seem overwhelming? Let The Social Sip help!

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