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5 social media post ideas for your winery

Deciding what to post on your social media channels can be daunting and seem so overwhelming that you just want to forget it. When you’re not sure what to post, try these 5 ideas for social media posts that will get your winery noticed!

1. A behind the scenes peek at winery production. Making wine is fun and the dirty work isn’t something that is often seen by the consumer. Take a quick video of something you’re doing – blending wine, punch downs, bottling and even labeling can be an engaging post for your customer to better understand everything that goes into that delicious bottle of wine.

2. Feature a new wine release. What’s the latest wine you’ve just released? What’s so great about that wine, what vineyard is it from, what are the tasting notes and why do you like it? Your followers want to know what’s new in your winery and what wines they can expect when they visit. If you’re selling wine online, remember to add a shop online call to action to your post.

3. Food and wine pairing ideas. Winery followers love to see ideas for what to eat with what they drink. Share your favorite recipe with your audience along with your favorite wine to go with it. Include tasting notes and why this paring works.

4. Hop on the national days bandwagon by leveraging the power of hashtags. While creating a post around National Cabernet Day might seem kind of pointless, you can really get a good organic boost in your post by using that hashtag along with your post. People are always searching for national days and it’s fun to share what your winery has to offer. A simple search on Google for “national wine days” will get you good results. There are at least seventeen national wine days on the national day calendar, and you’ll want to leverage as many of these as you can.

5. Feature wine specials. Are you offering flat rate shipping with a minimum bottle purchase for the month? Are you opening library wines each Friday? Whatever you have going on that month, post about it and a lot! You’ll need to post several times for your followers to get the message - so don’t be afraid to feature your specials on repeat each month.

By following these simple marketing ideas for your winery’s social media, you’ll be able to better develop your monthly content calendar and get those posts going. If you need help with your winery’s social media and marketing, we’d love to chat. Contact us at


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